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Sunday, June 24, 2007

I've Been Blog Tagged

Well I have Been tagged by my fellow SBP Designer
MIP Scraps she wants to know 7 things about me

Hmmmm now let me see :)

1. Would love a Dog, my favorite being the weimerarmer, but my
Kitty wouldnt like it, she nearlly left home when i took a stray
kitten in so i had to let it go to a new home :(

2. I have now finished my exams and can relax a little
hopefully enjoy maybe my last summer at home before
looking for a Job

3. My Favorite design style is Vintage, i just love the finished look
i hope to create more this year

4. I adore Dragons, poems, cartoons, models you name it
I have a small collection of Dragons at home i have
collected over the years that take pride of place on my cabinet.

5. I can't live without Coffee, it takes at least a gallon to get me going
on a morning and then i have to top it up regularly

6. My Favorite Food at this time is Salad you can put any meat with it
i dont mind as long as i get a big plate of salad.

7. My greatest weakness is Puddings, Cold Puddings Hot Puddings
any will do, my fav's are merange based and Cheesecake specially
Lemon, but i really am not fussed any will do lol
Apart from Bread & Butter Pudding and Tapioca Urghhhh they just
dont apeal at all.

Hope you enjoyed my 7 things about me i have to say they were hard lol

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