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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Earthquake in U.K

British earthquake to cost millions
Insurers are facing a £30 million payout after the earthquake
that shook large parts of Britain in the early hours.

That was the news this morning and I just had to share this
news with you all, last night at 1am i was woken
by my bed shaking like crazy, it was the strangest feeling ever
the cat jumped up and came running to me just as the second
bout of shaking happend, then the mirror on my wall started
banging on the wall like crazy, I was convinced I had a burgular
but no nothing to be seen.

This morning I find out we had a Quake that was 5.2 on the
Rictar Scale, which i know to you guys may not sound much but
but we just DO NOT have them here in the U.K the news says
that it was one of the worst in the U.K in 25 years ......

I now have a better understanding of what you guys have to go
through when there is a report of a Quake on the news, It's scary
you really do not understand until you have one huh ....

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness.. that is a pretty good one.. That is a pretty good one anywhere. We get them off and on in Alaska. Glad that you are ok.


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