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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Day Eleven & Twelve

Appologies for the lateness of the last two gifts, shopping and
last min preparations overtook me but i thihnk i am there now ...

Well if i am not its tough lol no more i need a rest :)

So Ladies and Gents these are your final two pages in the album
you should now have a twelve page album with compliments of
Dragons Lair Designs, i thankyou for your support throughout 2006
and wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Fab New Year

IF you missed any pages you will be able to purchase them in store at a
reasonable cost as quick as i can get them up :)
See you in 2007

Day Eleven on our countdown to christmas givesus Simply Elegant

Now Available in Store

Day 12 gives us A Victorian Holiday

Now Available in Store


  1. wow, thank you so much for the 12 days gifts! happy holidays!

  2. I can't get day 12 link to work.

    Thank you for this lovely kit.

  3. lupuswontwin@gmail.com8:28 pm

    Thank you your QP are Awsome.

    I have been able to get 11 of them with no problem but day 12 there is no link for it, it gives us the preview.

    Happy Holidays to ALL

  4. thanks for these wonderful QP! i cant get 12 either.

  5. late arrival that I am, I'd like to thank you for links 6 though 12 (yes, I figured out how to get 12!!) ... these QPs are all lovely, thanks for sharing.

  6. Love the QP that I was able to get...missed some days because the computer crashed...however, can't get just gives the preview.
    TIA and Happy Holidays!

  7. Thank for theses wonderful shares.

  8. Thank You for sharing day's 11 & 12!
    Happy Holiday's!!!


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